The internet have given us ways of connecting to the world immediately. We can get all of our questions answered immediately. This combined with the mobile device means that we can connect and search on the go. We can scan through our social media platforms with an ever increasing speed. As a business owner, if you want to reach the people who use your product or service you'll have to find a way to get their attention. The problem is, that this has also shortened our attention span. so you'll have to be quick.  That's where videos come in.

Videos and animation can help us engage with the end user a lot longer. However it must be something of value and by value I mean benefiting the user either with providing entertainment value  or with content that make us think or learn. In other words, it must have a benefit to the recipient.

In advertisement I find the ones that seem to work best to get my attention are the ads that peak my curiosity. This can be done with imagery and if the right sound is added the signal has been sent to my brain to pay attention, at least for a few extra seconds. That's right seconds. You've got an average of 2-3 seconds with printed materials and even with some videos. How many times have you watched a video on YouTube for more than 2-3 minutes?  If you're a fan like I am, than the answer is plenty of times. (See my blog article for more details on the matter.) Just know that your videos can really have an impact on your target audience. Just be sure to keep your target audience in mind when creating content, and keeping fresh materials in your post. Remember the attention span is shorter. You don't have to take on this burden all by yourself, contact us for a free consultation to see how we are able to help you get started with video content for your social media post or for your Vlog. We can, edit or enhance and add content to your videos. Let's create a fan base by showcasing your business or service.. Click here to book your 100% free consultation.


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