We've created a booklet just for you, by including some of the many features you can add to your custom booklet.

Great for catelogs, menus & business profiles.

Businesses, entertainers, artists, & bloggers can experience the many benefits of our custom designed digital magazines, tri-fold brochures  that will get and keep your customers attention.

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I wanted to take a moment and express our gratitude to the work done on our behalf by Pauline and Cognition Designs. We found Cognition Design to be prompt, professional  &  creative 


I cannot speak more highly of Pauline’s ability to transform our ideas into tangible working imagery and data that has helped our business succeed in the digital marketplace. 

I would recommend Cognition Design to anyone interested in marketing material or graphic design work for both personal or business platform.

Dr. Todd Van Dahlen, CEO


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  • Turn heads with eye catching designs

  • Enjoy stress free marketing 

  • Make lasting connections

  • Easy to use & share

  • Interact with your target audience

  • Over 20 features  & limitless possibilities 

  • Very Budget Friendly!

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Let them see just how ready you are to show off your skills.

Get their attention with one single click that says you're prepared anytime!

You've put your work in, now it's time for that solo gallery that's all about you in a digital media book


Sending them a flyer, postcard or brochure they can really get excited about, will put you first when they are ready to purchase or sell.  

Send out a listing presentation that does all the work for you. All you'll need for your next appointment is a pen.

Let me show you how to go virtual for your next one.


Roll out your company profile or product catalog in style! With tons of features to connect, and show off products. Videos, narrations, shop buttons and more, your clients will thank you for making it so easy. 

Password protect, analytics and viewer count available 


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All business professionals and entrepreneurs can benefit from a media kit.  Send them to prospective clients with a custom design that creates a real sense of excitement, with you , your business or product as the star.  Showcased in an interactive, fun & easy to use format.

Contact me to find out all the wonderful features you can use to engage with your target audience.  Track your views, generate leads & make more money!


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