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Custom logo design is one of the first things to do once you decide to start a business.  Your logo is one of the first component to creating a branded look for your business and should be taken very seriously.  For those that are serious about standing out from the crowd and making a real impression,  a professional logo is a must.  Being unique is important when creating your brand.


Cognition Designs will create a custom look that is established after a detailed free consultation.  During our consultation I help you with colors and font style based on the industry, psychology, and meaning behind them to help you make the best decisions. 

Contact me today to discuss your new logo design. 


Brochures are a great way to let your customers know about a new product or service.  Additionally they are great hand outs / e mailers that let potential clients  know more about the types of services you provide.  Services and product brochures are important because they offer  more details  than a business card.


Cognition Designs will create a brochure that is strategically designed to give enough engagement so that potential customers will want more information.   These can be used as a great way to get leads. 


Whether you want to  let your customers know about a  product,  or give an over view of your company, brochures are a great tool.  Here at Cognition Designs we offer them in print and electronic format.

Brochures come in a variety of sizes to fit your specific needs that include Bi-Fold, Tri-Fold, Flyer, or Multiple Page Profile. 

CD Covers

Are you in the music industry, well look no further for the most  attention grabbing designs to represent your CD cover on all platforms. 

What ever your style of music Cognition Designs can create the look that fits the mood of your music creating the vibe and the ambiance you want your audience to feel before they even hear.  Setting the stage with the right type of imagery on the cover is an important factor in engaging with your audience.  Get them hooked with a style all your own.   From classical, rock, rap, country, blues, jazz, and hip hop...we love music!

If you're in the music industry, Cognition Designs is a must see when it comes to creativity and endless opportunities available to get it right the first time.  Call me today.

Media Kits and Company Profiles

Did you know that a Media Kit is good to have no matter what industry you're in?  Be ready to share the dynamics of you and your business and get the sale or the gig. Get your custom  Media Kit in print or  Electronic format.

Use your media kit at trade shows or to send to prospective clients in a clean professional design that is custom made for you.  Cognition Designs create each media kit and does not use templates. We show the world just how unique you are.

Cognition Designs offers a  variety of options to fit most any budget and business. Some of the items included are: Photos, embedded videos, Your Bio, Contact, Interview, Testimonials, References/ Recommendations, Social Media links, Social Media Stats, Calendar of Events, Sample Work, and of course since these are tailor made to fit you and your industry other items can be included.  Call me today to get this must have item to present to your target audience.

Let us create a Company Profile for print, electronic, or video format.  General items include, Location, Contact, About, Mission, Financial Review (year and quarters) Testimonials, Press Releases, Social Media, directory and industry specific details.

Profession Clean Full Color Designs.  CALL ME TO GET YOURS  OR SEND AN  EMAIL TODAY

Monthly Social Media Posts

When your customers search for you, what type of images are they seeing? Are they blurry, fuzzy, cookie cutter, generic, or out of alignment? Get ahead of your social media posts with a weekly or monthly pack. Designs personalized just for you to  make your brand easily recognized.

Additionally you receive a social media calendar and an email reminder of important dates to post. You'll never miss another opportunity to connect with your target audience.  

Customized to your brand with a range of special featured post:  humor, inspirational. holidays,  this day in history, and promotions. Giving you versatility to make the connections you need to get and keep your audience's attention.

You pick how many you want to post.  All posts are formatted to fit your favorite social media platform(s). Contact me today and make the next quarter of 2019 a real game changer.


In today's busy business environment, most business owners and entrepreneurs don't always have time to keep up with the trends. Additionally with technology and social platforms opening up new doors to the way we do business, it's not always clear what's the best fit for you as a business owner or as an emerging entrepreneur.  With so many choices it's important to know what's the best fit for you and your business. 


Again technology has made this a good time for you as a business owner or entrepreneur.   New and exciting changes are taking place on a number of your favorite social media  platforms that you may not be aware of.  Truth is as a business owner it's important that you be informed, as many of these changes are so dynamic, that it will change the way business is done.  These changes are there to help connect businesses with their audience  with new levels of engagement.  


Unless your business is marketing or tech trends you may not know of the advantages, and resources available to you.  Additionally making the wrong chose can be devastating to you and your business.  My strong point is and always have been in business and marketing,  and with over two decades of experience I am a marketing expert.   Constantly up to date on trends that effect  business  as well as the new advancements in technology and how to use it to our advantage.  There is no need to fear technology in fact after our consultation you'll become a fan of the new heights you can reach as a business owner or entrepreneur.  CALL ME NOW

Our amazing price plans and high level of creativity will send your social media presence soaring to new heights!!

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