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Pauline Samuels

I am a digital artist with over 27 years of experience in marketing. I provide a number of digital art solutions (and print) for my clients that include logos, brochures, event booklets, electronic press kits (epk)/media kits, flyers, social media post/banners and ads, branded materials and characters, CD covers and more. I offer consultation on a variety of business solutions to my clients that include: How to optimize visibility online, how to start blogs, what’s needed to start their social media business pages, how they can optimize business using a variety of resources from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Pinterest just to name a few. Additionally I do workshops for various businesses and organization on how to use social media to gain more visibility and connect their members within the organization with group platforms.

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I really am quite dedicated about what I do and believe that nothing is impossible. There really is no way around the Internet when it comes to business.  This is the grand age of information technology. It is quite difficult to run a business and create meaningful engaging content without outside help. This is a big reason I see businesses that were once strong, now in decline.  The customers are still there, in fact there are more of them.  Most business owners just don't understand how important it is to make that change and make it permanent. Not just by  building a site or creating a social media account, but by continually maintaining all of the previously mentioned. That takes dedication to those things, which unless you do it for a living, it will eventually put a strain on your business.  I chose this business, (although I sometimes think it chose me) because I have always had a connection to computer technology started my journey some 28 years ago when I graduated college as a Computer Operator. It's funny now because what was once the size of a giant refrigerator can now fit in the palm of your hand.   This is one of the things I do best and  I keep fresh ideas for my clients, because I know that what I do can allow someone else the freedom to focus on what they do best too. Consulting with my clients I create a dedicated plan of action that show them exactly how to reach their goal(s). Helping business owners understand the importance of a consistent goal driven social and online campaign must have a very specific strategy.


I believe it’s important for business owner to focus on their specific business and satisfying the customers they have.  As business owners we need to not wear every hat within our organization but delegate them to individuals that specialize in those areas necessary to create a comprehensive work environment. Here at Cognition Designs creating dynamic, engaging marketing materials is my specialized area of expertise. Allowing business owners to focus on the clients and customers in front of them and not worry about how to create marketing materials.  Trust is important to me and it is my duty to get my clients the results that bring them success. Customer satisfaction can sometimes be hard to find in our online world, That’s why I believe it’s important to listen and add the personal touch that businesses need to truly stand out.


Additionally I create a quarterly magazine featuring creative artist from all over the world which helps creative artist get more visibility worldwide. 

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